A downloadable game for Windows

A game about cooking and packing illegal substances.

 Made for TVGameJam2019 and inspired by the Breaking Bad TV show.


  • Move :  WASD/ Arrow keys
  • Press/Grab  ==> Left mouse/ Left control
  • Drop/Cancel => Right mouse/ Spacebar
  • Press Escape to display Cooking Guide or the Exit Game button

Install instructions

Unzip the file and execute CrystalLab.exe


CrystalLab 0.4.zip 44 MB

Development log


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just what the heck is the use of coffee???? apart from that it's a good game

There´s no real use for it, I thought it could be cool to make it :)

and can we take it? because it take load of time to cool down and i finished the level before.

It's not possible , you can see how the cup is filled and there's steam coming from it, that's it .

what the heck are the controls?Im so confused?

The controls are displayed below the game description on this page. In the next update I´ll display them in-game to avoid this issue. 

Even tho I was very confused at the beginning, and didn't know what to do, it all worked out well in the end.

Glad it worked out in the end. After watching the video I've realised I should display the controls somewhere to avoid confusion.

Hey! I recently played your game and absolutely loved it!! It was so fun and easy to jump right in to! Please tell me there's more updates?! :D Here's my video on it! My review is at the end (if you're interested) Thank you :D :D

Glad you liked it! Maybe there's updates, but right now I'm focused on making Goya's Inferno (shoot 'em up) and an unnamed turn-based strategy game.

No documentation at all, stuck on how to make a rainbow one.

I've just updated the game, now if you press Escape there is a Cooking guide